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Unlock your corporate fundraising potential

Support your CSR, ESG and B Corp initiatives with our online charitable fundraising platform

Make a real impact with our trusted platform

Personalised support

Our expert fundraising team is on hand whenever you need them

Matched funding

Allow matched donations and set your own thresholds and timescales

Sustainable solution

Have only a positive impact with our always-evolving, fully digital platform

Branded for you

Our free marketing tools include QR Codes, Donate Buttons and posters

Track your success

Downloadable, GDPR-compliant reports detail your employee's donations

Seamless giving

Mobile-friendly donation pages, completely personalised to your business

Split donations

Raise for up to 5 charities - we do the admin and pay out your bespoke split of funds raised

Guest checkout

Fewer abandoned donations = more raised and happier donors who can remain anonymous

Custom 'Thank you'

Keep it personal - add your own message to thank your fundraisers for their support

Since 2005, we've raised £3456789012312345678901,123456789017890123456701234567890,345678901231234567890145678901234 for UK charities

Support up to 5 charities

Raise for the charities that mean something to you and your employees - choose from 200,000+ UK charities, from large national charities to more local causes.

You can support up to 5 charities at a time and have the funds split between them however you wish.

Raise for Motor Neurone Disease Association
Raise for Macmillan Cancer Support
Raise for Breast Cancer Now
Raise for Cats Protection
Raise for Starlight Children's Foundation
Raise for The Salvation Army
Raise for Dogs Trust
Raise for Woodland Trust
Raise for Tearfund
Raise for Border Collie Trust Great Britain
Raise for Parkinson's UK
Raise for Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Raise for RSPB
Raise for Multiple Sclerosis Society
Raise for Myeloma UK

Personalise with your brand

Use your organisation’s logo, branding and imagery to create your campaign.

All pages include leaderboards, support livestreaming, have Strava integration, and offer the opportunity to add updates and images as your challenge progresses.

Corporate Campaign Page preview

Ready-made tools

Encouraging your employees to sign up is simple with our full suite of materials to promote your initiatives, including posters, banners, digital assets and QR Codes.

Our expert fundraising managers will be on hand to help you plan and give you top tips to run a successful challenge.

Track your success

Download in-depth, best-in-class reports that are fully GDPR compliant and available for simple download in the format you require.

We also provide graphs, tables and more so that you can monitor your organisation’s achievements throughout your campaign.

Kevin raised over £5.4M for MNDA and Leeds Hospital

“Creating fundraisers like the Extra Mile and the Ultra 7 in 7 Challenge is no small feat. Kevin Sinfield's plans - inspired by his friend Rob Burrow - were very ambitious.

Every element, from agreeing on the challenges and event set-up, to generating national press coverage and finding the right fundraising provider, was crucial to creating a winning formula.

The Give as you Live Donate platform and team were great, helping to process thousands of donations every minute and providing us with timely reports; they were there for us every step of the way.”

Motor Neurone Disease Association

How to start fundraising

Register for free

Just enter a few details to register, it only takes a few seconds.

Create your campaigns

Choose up to 5 charities per campaign to support with your fundraising.

Tell your employees

Use our free marketing materials to encourage your employees to start fundraising.

Start raising

The more your employees use Give as you Live Donate, the more you raise!

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